Campement de Djidjack, Palmarin, Senegal

First of all: If you are a luxurious traveler or need reliable electricity, The Djidjack might not be your place.
We had to terminate our stay earlier, as my respirator kept the people awake, beeping every time when the electricity went off.

However, if you are more of a budget, adventure traveler who is looking for a getaway from busy Dakar, this might be your place. The round bungalows are furnished simply, mosquito nets are available and due to the architecture with thick walls and a high roof, the rooms are always cool. The bathroom of house no. 005 is wheelchair accessible. The surroundings of the bungalows are beautifully planted with a lot of trees and bushes and are home to a lot of birds.

The swimming pool is a bit small with a steep ramp leading into the water. The property is adjacent to the beach, which is miles long and empty. Delicious breakfast is served under an old baobab tree, and dinner – delicious homestyle – is served from half past nine (French eat late) in the large main house.


Djiffer Palmarin SN 23018,
Piste Samba Dia
Palmarin – Djiffer,

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