Centro Ferie di Salvatore

We stayed at this resort with our ventilated patients in 2013 and we loved it. The hotel is ideally suited for “wheelies”! A family-run resort that leaves nothing to be desired in our view.

From our blog:

“The CFS was opened by Salvatore Avagliano in the mid-70s. He came up with the idea, while he lived in Germany and worked there besides his studies at the University of Bochum as an auxiliary nurse at BG Hospital Duisburg-Bucholz. In conversations with paraplegic patients, he experienced the problems (paraplegia and holidays) firsthand. Therefore the idea arose to plan a holiday center specifically for wheelchair users in Italy.
With the support of friends and a fundraiser, Salvatore and his wife Ellen then managed to purchase a house in San Felice to build a wheelchair-accessible holiday center.
Until now this holiday center is unique. All rooms are wheelchair accessible.”

Source: http://www.gepflegt-beatmet.de/blog/bella-italia-2012-teil-2-reisebericht


Viale Europa
San Felice Circeo

Email: info@centroferiesalvatore.com
Website: http://www.centroferiesalvatore.com/de/

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