Yaime & Manolito, Cienaga de Zapata, Cuba

Playa Larga is the perfect place for a non-touristic beach holiday and Yaime and Manolito are perfect hosts!

Playa Larga has many attractions via a 30 m-long reef offshore and its Zapata National Park.
However, also if you just want to relax it is a perfect pick, as due to the house of Fidel Castro no motorboat is allowed to drive through the pay. Thus it is very peaceful and quiet.

The Casa Particular of Yaime and Manolito is directly on the beach. All three rooms are at ground level and wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, the bathroom of the bedroom directly on the beach has a very narrow door (about 55 cm). A smaller, shared bathroom that is in the middle of the two other rooms has a wider door (70cm) but is only accessible via one step. Breakfast and dinner are fantastic and especially the soups are very, very tasty.

We can’t wait to be back to relax some more!


Restaurant / Breakfast
Pathways with one step

Bathroom Features

Door width < 80 cm
Room is small
Drainage in the floor
You can drive under the washin basin

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