Mueso EVITA in Buenos Aires, Argentina

All Evita Peron Fans will be delighted in this museum. In 1948 Evita bought this building, which is three stories high, build in a Spanish-french renaissance style, and situated in one of the most upmarket areas of Buenos Aires. It served as a women’s refuge under the Evita association. However, the association was dissolved in 1955 when the military junta forbid anything that reminded them of the Peron era. As recent as 1999 the Evita museum was established and up to today tells the story of one of the most famous women in recent history, using films, pictures, and unnumerous accessories.
Even though the entrance has one step to get in, the rest of the museum is well accessible. On the ground floor you will find a toilet for wheelchair users and to get into the first and second floors you can use the old, but functioning lift. A must-see: the restaurant inside the museum – delicious food!


Lafinur 2988
Buenos Aires

Phone: +5411 4800-1599

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