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Run – Week 1 training: 3 x 7 km, one speed training and 12 km run

What a running week….. whilst travelling it is always a bit of a challenge to keep up your training… my trip to Jakarta this week, even though it was FANTASTIC to be back, also saw some challenges to get my running done….

The week started off with a great run in the evening at JGSEE…. It is always so much nicer to run with others… Robert, a colleague of mine ran with me for the first 3 km and after I was picked up by a Thai running group you chased me along the running track! It was lots of fun actually and my time was stunning. Again it shows that group work helps!

Then I flew to Jakarta… 
Already when I landed I realised that outdoor running would be a challenge… the smoke is unbelievable and though I felt like coming home this was not something I have missed… So that meant two days running on a treadmill the 7 km I had to train….. It is soooooo BORING and always thought I could not make it… however, it is really just the boredom of running at the same spot with no change of scenery… As on Saturday, when I had moved to a very close friend of mine, I decided to go run in the Zoo… which I used to do when I lived here… I got up at 5.45 am and started running t 6.30… The air was fresh and the zoo, being as green as it is provided such a different scenery…so instead of running only 12km as scheduled…took my last 5km full loop and managed to run 15km. Needless to say that the rest of the day bending and getting in and out of the tax was pretty tough… one more reason to go for a nice massage…

So won’t travel next week… I have a mission coming to Bangkok… so keeping my running schedule will be a challenge… will keep you posted and if you enjoy this blog or my efforts to go run 21 km (!) for our organisation then please Donate via Paypal for!

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