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Wheelchair Travellers on the road!

News from Tobias (Wheelchair user) and Verena Streiferdt (pedestrian)!

Our promotional tour for our project has started. The aim of this trip will be to demonstrate via on-the-ground reports, blog entries and youtube videos how accessible travelling in developing and emerging economies can be. We also want to raise awareness among hotel and restaurant owners about what is possible and how services towards wheelchair travellers can be improved.

South America

The tour starts in Argentina. The first wheelchair-accessible accommodation in Buenos Aires is booked via airbnb and we will take it from there. The infrastructure in the big cities is well established, so this is not a big challenge for us. We want to challenge ourselves to go to areas that are not so well-developed, such as Patagonia and the north of Argentina. Perhaps we can also go to the big waterfalls of Iguazu on the border of Brazil. We want to inspire other wheelchair travellers to discover new horizons and exciting destinations and find suitable accommodation and activities that will make it a comfortable journey well-travelled.

Central America

In November, we want to continue to Cuba – a long-desired travel destination of Verena’s. We are curious about the accommodation in private homes, far away from big hotel chains. Transport in 1960s Mustangs may be a challenge! We actually can’t wait!

South East Asia

At Christmas-time, we plan to be in the Philippines – singing Christmas carols below palm trees. As the majority of the population on the islands are Christian, we are looking forward to an exotic Christmas celebration with sand instead of snow.

From there, we will head in January to Cambodia, where our friend Anna lies. There, we will try to access the ancient Anchor Wat temples – from the photos we can already see that it will be a great adventure. Also, we really look forward to meeting the Cambodians, as they are famous for their hospitality and kindness. It is hard to imagine the decade-long civil war that only finished in the 90s.


We have already travelled in this magnificent continent and travels in South Africa and Namibia are great memories. This time, we have decided on countries in central and West Africa, which might not yet be part of the top 10 travel destinations for wheelchair travellers. In Kenya, we will definitely go on safari and in Senegal we will test our French knowledge and explore the music scene.

Tips are welcome

Do you have any suggestions for our travel plans? Then please pot a comment or also provide inputs via Facebook or Twitter.

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